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Aram was the grandson of Gegham and son of the king of Armavir, Armai.  Aram was industrious, and loved his country so much so he would rather die than see any destroy his land. Aram became suspicious of the neighboring countries, and gathered together all the warriors skilled in archery, throwing the javelin, and with the sword.  With their courage and prowess these warriors could repel an army of fifty thousand.

At the border of Armenia, Aram met an army of young soldiers from Media, led by Niukar Mahdehs, a very proud and brave man.  Like the Kushans, Niukar Mahdehs had succeeded in subjugating Armenia, keeping it under his control for 2 years.  Aram surprised Mahdehs’ platoon before sunrise, attacked and destroyed the enemy and took Niukar as prisoner to Armavir.

In Armavir Aram had him taken to the top of a tower, where they drove a metal spike into his forehead, pinning him to the side of the tower so all could see his body as they entered the city.  Aram then captured the kingdom of Media up to Mt. Zarasp and exacted tribute until Ninus became king of Ninevah.
In his heart Ninus desperately sought revenge for the death of his ancestor Bel at the hands of Haik.  For many years he had been planning to avenge Bel's death and wipe out Haik's offspring.  But, seeing how strong Aram was, Ninus decided to wait, and instead feigned friendship with Aram, the victor over Media.  He bestowed on Aram the right to wear a crown of pearls and the title of second king under him.
After fortifying the border on the west of Armenia, Aram led his army south close to Assyria.  There he met a man named Barsham, born of giants, who had devastated his country with an army of 40,000-foot soldiers, and 5,000 Calvary.  Aram and his army fought Barsham and there ensued a great battle that spread onto Assyrian fields, wherein Aram’s army killed most of their enemy, including Barsham himself.  Thereinafter  the people who lived on those fields paid tribute to Aram for many years.  But they made Barsham a god, and worshipped him.

Aram gave the Southern part of Armenia bordering Assyria to the Kadmos family, to be head of the region.  But the Eastern portion, he gave to the Sisakian family.  And Aram, adding to his army 40,000 foot soldiers and 2,000 mounted soldiers, went to the West, to Cappadocia, and took Keyseri (Caesurae), and he established his domination over the regions in the east and the south. He now feared no one.  Aram remained in the west for a long time.

There, in front of him, came Payapis Kaghia Titanian, who had conquered all the countries between the Pontus and Ovkianos (Ocean, or Black/Mediterranean Seas).  Aram marched his armies against Payapis and drove him as far as an island on the Asian Sea.  After this Aram left a commander called M'shak, who was related to him, in charge of the defense of the region.  He gave M’shak 10,000 soldiers and therein returned to Armenia.  He ordered the people of the countries he conquered to learn and speak Armenian.   For this reason the Greeks called the territory Protean Armenia (First Armenia).
M’shak established the city of M'shagh (Kayseri, Caesurae), named after himself, on the skirts of Mount Argeh.  He had the city enclosed with walls and battlements.  But the local people, who could not pronounce his name, called it Mazhak.

Because of Aram’s great deeds, he became famous throughout the land, and the people around his country were called Armen.  The Persians and Assyrians called his people “Armenik”.   After living a long time, Aram was succeeded by his son Ara or Arai, the handsome. 

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