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Myths include the naming of cities and regions in Armenia beginning with Haik and continuing through his offspring.

Thus Haik's son Armenak, who went northeast of the land of Haik (Van), settled in 'a valley surrounded by huge mountains with rivers flowing from the west, the waters gushed forth from under rocks at the foot of the mountain, and joined together into rivers.  The high mountains were snow-covered in the sun.'  Armenak settled in the valley and developed its northern end.  He gave the tallest mountain, 'which was youngest among the others', the name Aragats, and the city at its base Aragatsotn (the foot of Aragats).
Armenak had a son named Aramais, who built a city called Armavir on the banks of a river he named Yeraskh (a Persian corruption of Arax).  Aramais' son Amassia, settled in Armavir, and had three sons, Paroyr, Gegham and Kholagh.  The latter two had cities at the foot of Ararat named after them.  Amassia also gave the name "Massis" to Mt. Ararat.

Gegham had a son (they all had sons) named Armai.  Leaving his son (they all leave their sons) at Armavir, Gegham went north to a land next to a lake (Sevan) and there built a city (Lechashen).  He called this city Gegh, and gave the lake his own name (Geghamalich).   There, his son Sissak was born, who became renowned for his nobility, pride and dignity, as well as for his strength, eloquence and skill as an archer.  Gegham gave him many possessions and slaves.  Together with lands that stretched from the sea east of his country to the valley where the river Yerash (Arax) descended in fury after having cut through the mountains into forested straits.  Sissak settled there, giving it the name of Siunik.
Gegham returned to the valley at the foot of the mountain.  He built a city on the steep slopes and named it Geghama after himself.  This city was later called Garni after his grandson Garnik.

To Gegham's son Armai, Aram was born.  Aram's martial prowess was admired by all in his realm, and his fame spread throughout the land; it was a tribute to him and his skill sin subjugating his enemies that his people were called Armenians and their country Armenia.

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