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Eco Concerns / Groups
Ecological Challenges and Associations

Lake Sevan
By diverting part of its water resources to increase irrigation and to generate electricity, the lake was a key component of the Soviet era technological development of the country.  As a result, though, the water table dropped dramatically, endangering the entire ecosystem, and the water supply for the country.  In the 1970 s to 1980 s, partial restoration of water tables was achieved with several reservoirs built near the lake as well as the massive 49 kilometer Arpa-Sevan water tunnel, which was bored through the Vardenis Mountain Range to supplement water supplies.  Several other reservoirs and canals were planned to divert water to the lake, but with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the plans were never implemented, and the energy blockade on the country by Turkey and Azerbaijan forced the government to further deplete water levels by increasing hydro-electric production.

Ongoing studies begun by the United Nations and the World Bank are designed to restore the Lake to an “acceptable  water level (though none propose to restore it to its pre 20th century levels), but to date, five years of studies has not resulted in any funding for actual work.  Without immediate pressure on funding bodies to actually do something about the situation (and not just duplicate another study), the lake is in danger of permanent water loss.

Endangered Species
Caucasian Bearded Goat
: (capra aegagrus F. rxl.)  Listed in the Red Book for endangered species, the Caucasian Bearded Goat inhabits rocky mountains between altitude 2000-3900 meters.  Their main habitat is in the Khosrov Nature Preserve and the mountains of Vayots Dzor.  The Caucasian Bearded Goat population has decreased dramatically, from about 700 in 1970 to no more than 70 or 80 today. The decrease in population is due to illegal poaching and agricultural development into their natural environment, and preservation depends on breeding and artificial insemination in carefully controlled environs.  Caucasian Bearded Goats can also be found in Israel, the mountains of Syria and Anatolia.

Armenian Muflon (ovis ammon gmelin Blyth).  Endangered Species listed in the Red Book.  In 1970 there were between 200-400, now there are only 42 known alive.  Habitat is the Khosrov Preserve, and they live between 800-3900 meters altitude.  They live on mountain slopes and on mountain field plateaus.  The sheep are endangered because of illegal poaching and the development of agriculture in Armenia.  Preservation depends on artificial insemination in carefully controlled environments for later release.

Leopard (panthera pardus tullianus), lives in mountain forests and high altitude canyons.  There are no more than 25 leopards in Armenia, due to encroachment and illegal hunting in their environment.

Programs to Help: Members of the Mountain Sports Union and other Eco NGO's are actively involved in the preservation of these endangered species.  A cooperative program with Israel to breed the bearded goats continues, but additional support is badly needed.

Eco NGOs
Non-governmental ecological organizations in Armenia have grown at a steady pace since the days of Glasnost, despite the difficulties of the past seven years.  Despite skepticism from a population doing anything it can simply to make money, and a government that is still searching for a definition of conservation, agencies do exist which are working at the grass roots level to protect and maintain valuable eco-systems.  A few of the better known local non-profits:

Mountain Sports Union provides Ecological education awareness, ecological summer camps for school children,  cleanup and nature maintenance, and endangered species programming.  The founders of the MSU are also co-founders of the EcoTourism Association of Armenia, formed in 1997 to coordinate Eco-NGO efforts to provide environmental sensitive, sustainable ecotourism in Armenia.  MSU derives funding for their ecological programming by giving professionally guided mountain climbing, hiking, horseback riding, Sevan Sailing and Water sports and camping trips througout the country.  They also arrange exchange programs and specific expeditions for biologists, botanists, geologists, naturalists and ecologists.  For information about their tours, contact Shahen at Tel (3741) 56-86-90.

A first in Armenia and the region is the EcoTourism Association of Armenia ( Armecas) Contact Zheanna at Tel   (3741) 39-75-52 or Shahen at 56-86-90), a nonprofit association with 1100 members country-wide.  The association consists of ecology organizations, professional and tour providers, and works to establish shared guidelines for providing ecotours, as well as a forum and network between members to preserve and maintain wilderness areas for future generations.  The association is unique in Armenia in that it brings organizations and governmental bodies from diverse areas of expertise together in a unifying forum, finding common ground in generating income for preservation projects through promoting ecotourism.  Newly formed, the association is a major step forward in promoting Eco-friendly sources of income for agencies and most importantly, at the grassroots level.  As with all ecology organizations, the association seeks contact with international organizations and individuals in developing its capacity and ability to serve its members.

Ecological and Cultural organization KHAZER
Amalia Hambartsumyan (Chairman)
35 Moskovian St.,Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375002
(3741) 53 44 72
(3741) 53 81 87
Preservation of the Armenian Cultural inheritance, increasing the awareness of ecologically relevant issues. Assistance to UNEP ideas expansion in Armenia.

Armenian Foresters' Association
Karen Ter-Ghazarian (President)
35, Moskovian St, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375002
(3741) 53 07 52; 56 63 35; 58 36 55;
Teach refugees to choose and chop the trees correctly; create a greenhouse, organize a woodworking center (to produce ashtrays, toothpicks, etc.); pottery.

Computers for Saving the Earth
Ivan Vardanian (President)
1, Toumanyan St, Apt.31, Yerevan, Republik of Armenia, 375002
(3741) 58 23 87.
Create a system of an appropriate use of computers and information technologies to stabilize the Earth's environment.

Ecological Assembly of the Women of Armenia
Rita Aivasova (President)
68, Abovian St. Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375025
(3741) 26 80 04.
(3741) 58 02 54
Increase awareness of ecologically relevant issues; ecological research; elaboration of environmental projects; support of professional women; peace and human rights.

Ecology Fund of Armenia
Boris Mehrabian (President)
49 Komitas Ave., Rms 302-304 ,Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375051
(3741) 23 69 00; 22 30 58
(3741) 285 030
Scientific evaluation of the ecological situation in RA based on recent research

ECOTEAM of Armenia non-governmental organization
Artashes Sarkissian (Chairman)
22a Abovian St., Apt.53 Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375002
(3741) 52 92 77
Design complex projects based on renewable sources of energy and energy saving technologies

Greens Union of Armenia
Hakob Sanasarian (President)
1/5 P.Sevaki, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375000
(3741) 28 14 11
(3741) 25 76 34
Protect the environment and promote ecology; getlaws passed to protect environment; promote alternative and safe sources of energy.

Sustainable Development
Victoria Ter-Nikoghosian (President)
1a, Roubiniants St., Apt. 34, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375069
(3741) 22 50 63
Increasing awareness of the public of the ecologically relevant issues and importance of the ecologically safe environment elaboration of environmental draft laws and projects

Melania Davtian (President)
19, Nalbandian St., Apt. 34, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375002
(3741) 52 44 84; 57 22 46; 56 37 19
Ecological education of different layer of the society, education of children; ecological research and dissemination of ecologically relevant information.

Armenian Branch of International Academy of Ecology
Gevork Pirumian (Chairman)
40b, Tigran Metci Ave., Apt 6, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375005
(3741) 55 86 35
Development of ecological technologies, ecological research at the request of governmental and non-governmental agencies; training courses in ecology; exchange of specialists.

Association for Human Sustainable Development
Karineh Danielian (President)
33 Khanjian St., Apt. 18, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375010
(3741) 52 23 27
Help introduce and advance the concept of sustainable development in Armenia.

ECOTCIL National Charity Association
Vardan Akounts (President)
9, Aigestan St., 67/6 Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375010
(3741) 55 01 33; 23 60 65; 23 60 68; 27 40 12
Addressing the issues of psychological and medical ecology

Youth Ecological Group - YEG
Sergey Arevshatian (President)
68 Abovyanvv St., EcoCenter, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375025
(3741) 56 22 45; 72 07 98; 56 03 57
(3741) 58 02 54;
Increase the awareness of the youth of ecological issues; ecological actions against environmental pollution

TAPAN Eco-Club
Hrant Sarkissian
South-East Massive, B-2, Bld.21, Apt.23, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375114
(3741) 72 33 22
Protect natural environment, preserve and reconstruct cultural-historical monuments.

Armenian Department of Russian ecological Academy
Hamlet Zakarian (President)
65a Tigran Metci Ave., Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375000
(3741) 57 07 92; 26 61 76
Assist the practical and theoretical solution of current problems in the fields of natural, social and human environment.

The Animal Kingdom Protection Union
Zarmair Benklian (President)
26 Khachatrian Str., Apt. 1, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375033
(3741) 26 53 70
Protection of the Armenian animals.

Environmental Survival Organization
Boris Gabrielian (President)
24 D, Baghramian Ave., Rm. 907, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375019
(3741) 27 92 68; 56 80 27 (Hakobian)
Support research on biodiversity issues of Armenia and contribute to scientific educational activities.

FAUNA Animal Fans' Club
Sisak Grigoryan (President)
33, Toumanian St., Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375000
(3741) 39 58 39; 22 78 35; 53 85 38
Improvement of the environmental situation in Armenia, protection of animal rights

Ecology and Life Protection Sankt-Petersburg Branch of International Academy
Vilen Chalabov (President)
14, Koriun St., Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375009
(3741) 57 69 61;
(3741) 56 13 22
Unite prominent scientists and engineers, promote their intellectual growth: elaborate projects directed to the improvement of human health and ecological projects.

EPAC Environmental Public Advocacy Center
Aida Iskoyan (President)
11, Parpeci St., apt.2, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375002
(3741) 53 06 69
(3741) 53 06 69
Increase public participation in environmental decision -making in Armenia by representing and advocating the interests of individuals and citizen groups.

Union of Armenian Ecologists
Rafael Hovhannisian (President)
24 D, Baghramian Ave., room 1112, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375019
(3741) 27 34 28
Help to improve Armenia's ecological state through consultancy, dissemination of information and publishing activities.

Ecotourism Association
Zhanna Galyan (President)
2 Hakob Hakobyan St., Apt.22, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375000
(3741) 27 87 28
Contribute to the development of ecotourism in Armenia, as a means of achieving harmony between the society and nature, rehabilitation of the human being's cultural and natural environment and its preservation.

Social-Ecological Association
Srbuhi Harutiunian (President)
30, Chaikovsky St., Apt. 1, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375010
Contribute to the preservation of nature and harmonious development of the society through the development of economy which will become the main leverage in protecting the environment.

Armenian Botanical Society
Eleonora Gabrielian (President)
Avan-63, Institute of Botany of the National Academy of SciencesYerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375063
(3741) 52 77 68
(3741) 614 241
Active development and preservation of fundamental directions of contemporary botanical portions of Armenia; preservation of Armenia's botanical cover

EDEM Plant protection Union
Aramais Khachikian (President)
58, Komitas St., Apt. 53, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375051
(3741) 23 41 83
Contribute to the preservation of plants in Armenia; explore new species; help to monitor the areas with rare plants; conduct training for public at large on preservation of rare plants.

AVISH Charitable Society of Nature Friends
Laura Tekhnejian
49, Nalbandian St., Apt. 4 , Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375010
(3741) 52 18 46; 52 87 40
(3741) 52 69 97
Advocate for environmental policy; disseminate environmental information: contribute to the meaningful use of natural resources; involve public at large in the implementation of environmental projects.

Sustainable World
Serozh Gulakian (President)
31, Dourian St., Apt. 36, Avan 3/2 , Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375063
(3741) 62 55 79
Contribute to the sustainable development of Armenia's internal and external state through problem solving and preservation of human values.

Environmental Problematiques Center
Radik Martirosian (President)
15, Khanjian St., Apt.5, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375000
(3741) 57 82 81
Contribute to the rational usage and conservation of natural resources; coordinate the work of NGOs focused on the same problems.

Mountaineering Sports Union
Araik Nersisian (Chairperson)
13, Paronian Str., Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375000
(3741) 53 49 61; 35 27 02; 58 85 93;
Promote mountaineering sports in Armenia; provide ecological education to sportsmen; plant trees mountainous regions in Armenia.

Union of Young Biologists
Areg Tatevosian (President)
12, Nor Aresh St. 32, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375000
(3741) 45 88 63
To advance the ecological science in Armenia; to help develop the professional skills of young biologists; to help develop the public health sector in Armenia.

Speleological Center of Armenia
Samvel Shahinian (President)
68, Abovian St., Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375025
(3741) 56 02 35; 65 72 10
Scientific research in the field of speleology, ecological issues, nature preservation

"ALTAIR" humanitarian Center
Armen Buniatian (Chairman)
29, Nalbandian Str., Apt. 8, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375000
(3741) 55 88 61 (Vahan Hakobian)
To assist common people development, to provide medical service, sufficient living standard, to encrease cultural and education standard, criate environmental guidelines.

"ARDZAGANK" Organization Charity Center
Armenuhi Brutian (Chairman)
29 Erkatgci, Apt. 15,Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375005
(3741) 57 23 19
Sistainable development, to create working sites for vulnarable layers,

"Nature protectors"
Eduard Javruian (Chairman)
8, Charenc Str., Biology Faculty of the Yerevan State University, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375000
(3741) 63 31 89; 55 67 78
To assist in protection against poaching and lumbering; to protect natural areas.

Derenik Qamalian
Hanrapetutian Hraparak (Republic Square), Unions House, room 117 , Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375010
(3741) 56 14 07
To assist environmental development of communities in Armenia.

Environmental Organizations Union of Armenia
Armen Saghatelian
68, Abovian Str., Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375025
(3741) 55 13 61
(3741) 58 02 54
Armenian environmental organizations colaboration and coordinaton.

The Environment Branch of Armenian Women Union
Sona Mardanian (Chief)
Davit Anhaghti Str., Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375025
(3741) 55 76 30 : 28 16 52
To invite public and authority bodies attention to environmental issues.

"HAIOC DPROC" Educational-cultural Union of Nature Protection
Karen Asatrian (Chairman)
92, Nork Second Massive, Apt. 11, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375000
(3741) 52 18 37: 62 89 65
(3741) 151 795
Environmental idealogy propaganda; to create "art" gardens ; to form spiritual-nature-education awareness system.

"NOR DAR" Youth Union
Tigran Tovmasian (Chairman)
8, Abovian, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375010
(3741) 27 33 67: 56 10 78;
To assist the youth in a wealth environment living., working and generation breading.

Hasmik Aslanian (Chairman)
47, M.Khorenacu Str., Apt. 108, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375018
(3741) 55 47 12
To increase public awareness in environmental sphere; to conduct environmental measures; to inplement the planting wiht trees and grass.

Sveta Mkrtchian (Chairman)
12, Kritian, Gumri, Republic of Armenia, 378200
(374-69) 3 94 36; 3 35 86:
To establish environmental advocasy center ;, to organize forest plantation, to repare the sewerage, to protect historain monuments.

Alternative education and cultural Center of Armenia
Marine Khachatur (Chairman )
13 Hrachia Kochar Str., Apt. 23, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375033
(3741) 27 37 24
To increase public awarenes in environmental issues; evaluate, organize and implement education programs with alternative measures.

Assosiation of Nature Protection
Dorik Poghosyan (Chairman)
68, Abovian St., Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375025
(3741) 56 34 31: 25 40 68
(3741) 151 795
To promote natural resources maintenance, effective use and their reproduction in Armenia, top organize adopted environmental legislation propaganda, to assist the population to be the participant in environmental activities.

Nature rights protection
Georgi Fayvush (President)
55/25, Raffi Str., Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375064
(3741) 73 58 52
(3741) 53 49 24
Joining the efforts of professionals for the promoting nature's rights to continuance, protection of natural ecosystems, and species of plants and animals.

Ecological survival
Dr. Arevik Hovsephyan, Dr. Dshkhuhi Sahakyan, Dr. Evelina Ghukasyan
908, 24D, Marshal Bagramyan ave. Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375019
52-54-24, 27-93-35
(3741) 52-38-30
The mission of the Organization is biodiversity conservation in Armenia and Transcaucasus region, improvement of water resources quality to meet the interests of wider population by means of scientific research, expertise, public advocacy and publishing activities.

Ecologists-economists youth union
Andranik Hovhannisyan (Chairman)
15, Koryun St., Yerevan, 375009, Republic of Armenia.
(3741)52 76 61, 56 10 99
YUEE is a non governmental, non profit, non political organization, which mission is to support the environmental improvement, biodiversity conservation in Armenia and Transcaucasus region, to promote ecological education and public participation in the state environmental policy making.

Consumer's national Assosiation
Milita A.Hakobyan (Prezident)
25 Movses Khorenaci St., Apt.67, 23, Davit Anhaght, Yerevan, 375010, Republic of Armenia
(3741) 24 92 04, 52 04 40
(3741) 151-795

Armenian Ecological Charity Fundation
Armenian social-ecological Party
Armen Dovlatyan (Chairman)
4/4St. Kievian, Apt. 29, Yerevan- 375033, Republic of Armenia
(3741) 52-78-50, 65-54-18, 22-56-89, ,
The Armenian ecological charitable fund realizes charitable, ecological, social, cultural, educational, spiritual and other important programs. The fund promotes introduction new, high, ecologically of harmless technologies in Armenia.

"Environmental monitoring" non- governmental organization
Satenik Ter-Minasyan (Chairman)
7, Bagratuniac, 3-rd by street, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 375006
(3741) 64-23-61
(3741) 64-23-61
To implement ecological monitoring of RA, promote development of natural history and education. Promote and contribute to increasing knowledge of community about problems related to ecological monitoring of RA and their popularization.

"The Green Country" non governmental organization
Sos Sargsyan (Chairman)
(3741) 53-62-21; 53-68-31

The Ministry for Nature Protection  (Vice-Minister Office: Tel  (3741) 53-31-81; fax: 53-49-02;  35 Moskovian St. Yerevan 375002) includes environmental engineering, zoology, biology, biodiversity, forestry, parks and land departments, as well as many of the most informed ecology specialists in the country.  Unlike other countries in the CIS, the ministry is actually one of the first places to go to get up-to-date and expert information, as well as recommendations for expert travel guides and lecturers.  The ministry is also provides permits to Nature Preserves, which are restricted from human species without authorized guides.


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