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Monday, April 22, 2024
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Fare Watch

A select listing of sample fares from USA and Europe to Yerevan

These fares are samples we found on our own, or those sent in by readers. As with all fares, prices are subject to change without notice and taxes and fees are not included. Cheap fares usually have restrictions and other conditions may apply for any fare, be sure to ask before you buy!


 ITA Software

You can start your search using ITA Software's (http://www.itasoftware.com/) free airfare search engine before contacting a travel agent. The results can be startling:

We got a $996 R/T quote for a flight originating in Dallas with a one month stay in Yerevan. That was for September. The nearest we got on Orbitz and Travelocity was $1395 for the same trip. However, note that the fare quoted is a consoilidator fare, and agents will have to tack on their own charge plus taxes and fees, which alone can add hundreds to the actual fare.

You can search from anywhere to anywhere, useful for European or Asian flights.


USA-YEREVAN: RT from $700 (off season):

SIDON TRAVEL   (818-553-0777, fax: 818-553-0779, email:  carlo@sidontravel.com, raffi@sidontravel.com, sako@sidontravel.com, info@sidontravel.comis finding quote reasonable fares for high season, giving us a 3 month R/T for $1500. Compare that to Orbitz $1953 and Travelocity $1675 for same itinerary. 

MIGTRAVEL (415/386-8795, 877/877-8737, fax: 415/651-9007) offered us a 3 month open return during the height of the summer season for $1299 on Lufthansa (Dallas-Yerevan).

LEVON TRAVEL (800.445.3866) advertises some good fares this season, with R/T flights to Yerevan from about $750.  But locking in on one of the promotional fares is another thing, expect fares comparable to Sidon Travel for most trips (weekend surcharge may apply), are restricted tickets and subject to availability.

A search at CheapFlights.com returned a flight from JFK to Yerevan for $899 R/T. Of course at this price the available seats were gone. Further looking at the booking agent airlineconsolidator.com came in with $788 for same route on Air France.

www.Orbitz.com and www.travelocity.com advertise good fares, but locking in on one is very hard in high season.  We lovbe Travelocity's fare watch, which finds these incredible fares at 2:00 a.m. which are gone within seconds, or are only the airlines come-one fares with no seats held for that price.  Both have after-booking service problems, we are still battling travelocity on a fare they canceled and have not issued a refund for.  Go with an agent.

Aeroflot USA ( 310 281 5300 TELEFAX 310 281 5304) has $749 R/T LAX-Yerevan for 1 month return. No transit visa required in Moscow.

ARMENIATRAVEL.NET (818 507 - 9100) They show LAX-Yerevan via Moscow at $717 1 month open return and $1079 for 6 month open return


UK - YEREVAN: From $454

London - Yerevan: $454 via St. Petersburg
We found a cheap fare using Pulkovo for R/T London-Yerevan for only $454.

London - Yerevan: € 650 via Moscow
We found fare from London to Yerevan via Moscow for about € 650 with Aeroflot, compared with the € 950 - 3,500 with British Airways. (No transit visa required in Moscow).

Openjet.com London - Istanbul: from $322.78
Openjet.com has some great deals this winter, with London Stnadsted to Istamnbul at $322. Pair that with the $50 O/W bus ticket from Istanbul for a cheap cheap $472 R/T.

Easyjet.co.uk: London - Athens: £ 67
Take the easyjet to Athens and transfer to Armenian International Airways $450 R/T to Yerevan.

Easyjet.co.uk: London to Prague £34.98
Take Easyjet to Prague for £34.98, then Prague to Yerevan for $450.



Lars led us to Siberia Airlines web site where on August 9 we found (AND you can book online!):

Business: $700 OW / $1400 RT
Economy -/6 month: $620 RT
Economy -/12 month: $400 OW - $800 RT
Excursion -/6month: $590 - $620 RT
fixed: 3day/3 month: $540 RT
fixed: 4day/2 month: $480 RT
fixed: 6day/1 month: $440 RT
fixed: 8day/1 month: $430 RT

Also found for ISTANBUL - YEREVAN:

Business Class $300/$600
Economy: $200/400
Excursion: $ / 300
fixed dates: SU -/6 day: $230rt
fixed date -/1 month: $280rt
fixed: -/- : $135ow

Check Siberia Airlines sie at http://english.s7.ru/



We found a R/T ticket Moscow-Yerevan (winter) for only $350. Buy at one of Aeroflot's ticket offices in town.


Armavia: ATHENS - YEREVAN: $350

Armenian International Airlines advertises Yerevan- Athens -Yerevan for $350, Yerevan-Paris-Yerevan for only $500. Others are Dubai $420, Beirut $320, St. Petersburg $340 and Kiev $260. Prices will be higher if bought from the destination city, but still good deals.

Take Easyjet from London to Athens for £52 and get London - Yerevan R/T from only $475!



Hagop writes that you can buy Stockholm-Yerevan with Czech Airlines valid for 3 weeks cost USD450



Antoine writes his son flew Rome to Yerevan via Moscow for €330 December-January. Also wrote his son did not need transit visa to change airports in Moscow, though we still hear from folks who do, so best to be smart and not stuck in Sheremetyevo limbo.


ISTANBUL - YEREVAN: from € 500 - 600 via Istanbul
Luke also wrote that another alternative from London to Istanbul is, for just € 270 to fly with British Airways Directly and either get the bus or boat to Yerevan; or the $310 flight totaling about € 500 - 600.

Try YAY Tours in Istanbul near Taxim (+212-246-1171). Also talk to the Armenian Patriarch in Istanbul and they informed him of the flight Thanks Seth fro info).

Istanbul - Yerevan
Turkish portal at http://www.turkishportal.com/ offered $414 R/T airfare NYC-Istanbul. (winter) and $560.00 Istanbul - Yerevan on Aeroflot.

They also advertise a $631 R/T fare from NY to Yerevan via Moscow. Subject to availability.



Openjet.com London - Istanbul: from $322.78
Openjet.com has some great deals this winter, with London Stnadsted to Istamnbul at $322. Pair that with the $50 O/W bus ticket from Istanbul for a cheap cheap $472 R/T.

Easyjet: London - Athens: £ 52
Take the easyjet to Athens and transfer to ArmAvia $450 R/T to Yerevan for only $550. www.easyjet.com

http://www.ryanair.com/ cheap flights inside Europe
Ryan Air has some very cheap deals to get you to the Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels Hubs for Armenia, as low as 99 pence on summer craze sales. More likely you will pay £15-50 pounds for same.

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