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Armenia and Azerbaijan
(1997 1:650,000 Scale map of Armenian and Azerbaijan) ISBN 0921463030, through ITMB Publishing Ltd., (345 W. Broadway, Vancouver, Canada V5Y 1P8, Tel: (604) 879-3621, Fax: (604) 879-4521). That's still a big scale for the average traveler.

Caucasus Road Map (1999 Folded Map, Scale 1:1 000 000, Map Link - Road Map) - ISBN 0929591550 - List of retailers

Caucasus, Georgia, Armenia Road Map: AK86 (Folded Map, Scale 1:1 000 000, Freytag & Berndt Maps - International Road Maps) -ISBN 3850843289

In Russia
If you begin from Moscow or St. Petersburg, visit one of the Dom Knigi map departments. They are all in Cyrillic, but they are really decent enough to use, and cheaper than in Armenia. Also visit Atlas on Kuznetsky Most and Knigi at 20 Kuznetsky Most, both of which have tourist maps that should include the Caucasus.

In the USA, Canada
Brentano’s, Border Books and the larger Walton Books have map sections that include the CIS, but you will have to back order maps of Armenia. Bartholomew, Freytag and Berndt both have CIS folding maps, which can be more frustrating than illuminating, since Armenia is stuck in one little corner of the whole plan.

Catalogues and/or books can be found at the Mamigonian Foundation (TEL (301) 460-0353), 14513 Woodcrest Drive, Rockville, Maryland 20853, USA; the Center for Armenian Research and Publication, University of Michigan-Dearborn (TEL (313) 593-5181), 4901 Evergreen Rd., Dearborn, MI 48128, USA; Armenian Reference Books (E-mail: hamoarb@earthlink.net); Armenian General Benevolent Union (TEL (212) 765-8260, 765-8208), 31 W. 52nd St. 10th Floor, New York, NY 10019;
the National Association for Armenian Studies & Research (TEL (617) 489-1610), 395 Concord Ave., Belmont, MA 02178, USA; Zoryan Institute for Contemporary Armenian Research and Documentation, Inc. (TEL (617) 497-6713 fax: (617) 628-7880), 19 Day Street, Cambridge, MA 02140, USA and the Zoryan Institute of Canada, Inc. (TEL (416) 785-8597, fax: (416) 785-5434), 1858 Ave. Road #200, North York, Ontario, Canada M5M 3Z5.

In England
try Collets International Shop TEL (071) 734-0782, 129 Charing Cross Rd., London, for an exhaustive collection of books, magazines, maps and music from and about the CIS/Russia. Armenia is usually stuck in another larger treatise or map. Also try Traveler’s Bookshop at 25 Cecil Court, London, the Travel Bookshop at 13 Blenheim Crescent, London and Edward Stanford at 12-14 Long Acre, London.

In Paris
Librarie Orientale, 51 Monsieur Le Prince (M: Saint Michelle), which opened in 1930. devotes 30% of its collection to Armenian books. Shakespeare and Company, on rue du Huchette (between rue du Saint Jacques and rue St. Julien, M: Saint Michele), has a remarkable little collection of books about and by Armenians (in French and Armenian). Collector’s items, so expensive, but you can browse at leisure.


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