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The only books in English about Birds are The Birds of Armenia Handbook and Reference Maps. Published in 1997, the book need updating in a new edition, with extended reporting on biodiversioty pressure and reliable species population figures. But they are invaluable to the birder in Armenia, and they support a real charity.

A Field Guide to Birds of Armenia M. S. Adamian and D. Klem, Jr. 1997. 223 pages, 61 color plates. ISBN: 0-9657429-2-1 Hard Cover or 0-9657429-1-1 Flexible Lexatone Field Cover This richly illustrated book depicts all 346 species of birds known to occur in Armenia, includes range maps showing where you are most likely to find each species, provides clear, concise text to aid you in identification, and has introductory chapters, including one on the history of bird study in Armenia. A must for the field, bookshelf, or coffee table! Order >

Handbook of the Birds of Armenia M. S. Adamian and D. Klem, Jr. 1999. 656 pages. ISBN: 0-9657429 Hard Cover The most comprehensive and scientifically documented work on the birds of Armenia. An invaluable resource for anyone interested in the birds of this east-west border region, but especially for advanced amateurs, libraries, and ornithologists and other conservation and environmental professionals. Order >

Reference Map for the Birds of Armenia Project (Map of Armenia) The most accurate map available for Armenia and useful to anyone with an interest in Armenia! This map visually identifies the precise geographic location of each ornithological record in A Field Guide to Birds of Armenia and the Handbook of the Birds of Armenia. In the gazetteer (map index), historic names in original records are cross-referenced to their contemporary location names. Order >


The Birds of Armenia Project Site
The Birds of Armenia Project operates independently within ERMC to document the diversity of bird life and habitats within Armenia. Armenia is home to an extensive varitety of birds due to the wide range of ecological niches found at a range of altitudes from the wetlands of the Ararat valley to the alpine meadows of the high mountain regions.

Climate Change Info Center in Armenia- Ministry of Nature Protection
This nationally-executed project builds capacity in Armenia to fulfil its commitments to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and to respond to the objectives of the Convention on continuing basis. The project is funded by GEF and implemented by UNDP.

AUA Environmental Research and Management Center
The Environmental Research and Management Center offers environmental classes to all AUA students, conducts research into conservation, ecology, environmental contamination, and sustainable development in the Republic of Armenia, and serves the community through education outreach programs and collaboration with local scientists and organizations.

ERMC Geographical Information Systems
ERMC has developed a Geographic Information System (GIS) for Armenia. The Center is leading the way in creating digitized mapping systems linked to databases, providing quick and intuitive access to a vast array of environmental information.

The most in-your-face ecologists you'll meet.

World Wildlife Fund
Not so in-your-face

EnviroLink Network
Network for Change is a collaboration between the EnviroLink Network, the Animal Concerns Community, the Sustainable Business Network and, who are working together to develop a comprehensive resource for individuals, organizations and businesses working for social and environmental change.

European Environment Agency
The EEA aims to support sustainable development and to help achieve significant and measurable improvement in Europe's environment through the provision of timely, targeted, relevant and reliable information to policy making agents and the public.

Global Resource Information Database (GRID)
UNEP funded Database of information. Site includes 2nd Regional South Caucusus Workshop

The Birds In Armenia Project is the greatest advocate for conservation and the most knowledgeable sources about the impact of environment on Birds. They are the authors of the field guide, "The Birds of Armenia", the only printed source on this topic. They are also the only group working to exclusively conserve bird habitats.  They offer tours and guided visits, for a fee. You can reach them in Yerevan by calling Dr. Martin Adamian or his assistants Levan and Luba at (Tel (3741) 151-413, 28-15-02). 


Birds of Armenia Project
Eco Center
Armenia The Annotated Ramsar List: Armenia
Ornithological Society of the Middle East: Trip report - 1995
Ornithological Society of the Middle East: Trip report - 2000
Birdlife International partner in Armenia (no content)
Armenian Flora/Fauna Stamps
Bird Checklist

National Academy of Sciences of Armenia
United Nations Envirnment Program for Armenia (strong material, if Euro-colonialist in style)
Protected Areas of Armenia
Map of Sevan National Park
Threatened Species in Armenia

Individual - September 2000
Individual - July 1998
Ramsar Field Trip on Armenia's Wetlands (1998)

Birds of Armenia (Luba and Levon) @ Zoological Institute [+ (3741) 28-15-02 ]

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