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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Taxi Maxi

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Updated 2024

Tired of hoofing it in Yerevan? Even though city center is only 20 minutes walk from end to end, in the hot summer sun or after walking from end to end to end to end, a ride in a taxi or minivan looks awfully inviting. Some tips for the ultimate ride.

Marshrut Taxis - Minivans are the cheapest, with all trip regardless of distance costing 100 AMD or 50 AMD. They are all in Armenian, though, so use our street guide below to know which ones to take where.


Street taxis are straightforward: Officially they charge 200 AMD to enter the taxi plus 150 AMD per kilometer.

In reality it costs 1000 AMD anywhere in Yerevan city center (500 AMD in other city centers) from point A to point B. If you go up into Nork or other far places, they will expect 1500 AMD +.

From the airport, they want $20, you might get it for $10 - 15, but the old days of $7 are long gone for the average tourist. To the airport, take the minivans in front of the Conservatory on Mashtots Street (below cascade).

You will find them almost everywhere, with removable roof - top Taxi signs (they remove them before starting the trip to avoid the street GAI (police) who stop anything looking or smelling of money).

Call Taxis / Taxi Services
Taxi services you call by phone are cheaper and just as efficient (some say more) as street taxis, with prices

for delivery anywhere in center between 500 AMD and 700 AMD. Be careful of those that advertise 40/50/80 AMD per kilomter--they all charge a minimum plus the per kilometer amount, cheapest we found is 500 AMD for center.

There are dozens of services, everyone seems to have their favorite, and they seem to die off and spawn new services each week. Expect fewer in the winter, more in the summer. We list some we know about in Yerevan: Name and telephone begin each listing.

Taxi Melody: 532 - 522
700 AMD anywhere in center. 100 AMD per kilometer extra, 1200 AMD per hour (plus kilometers), 1000 AMD per hour plus kilometers for more then 4 hours use. Very friendly, English speaking staff on duty most evenings (talk slow), they ask you what kind of music you want to hear on your trip: jazz, Armenian, Russian, pop. Cool service.

Radio Taxi: 22 - 22 - 22
500 AMD anywhere in center. friendly drivers, clean cars. Call at least 15 minutes before you want to be picked up.

Crystal Taxi: 542 220, 542 229

Taxi Prestige: 352 352
40 AMD per kilometer. Catch is they charge the kilometers to pick you up as well as deliver. Averages 500 AMD for center.

Taxi Liza: 540 044
40 AMD per kilometer, same catch as above, averages 500 AMD.

Taxi: 53 53 02
80 AMD, but very fast, operate out of Hotel Hrazdan. minimum of 500 AMD.

Taxi Taxi: Tel: 150
100 AMD, better cars. Minimum charge.

Taxi Service: 569 001
50 AMD per kilometer, operates off of Amirian St. Charges average 500 AMD.

Taxi Service: 573 939
80 AMD, only use Volgas.

Taxi Elit: 544 222, 528 065
80 AMD, minimum charge.

Taxi Service SAN: 1-78, 587 170
80 AMD, minimum charge


Marshrut Taxis (Minivans)
Minivans are the cheapest way to go in any city in Armenia as well as between cities. This article focuses on In - town transport.

Marshrut taxis used to be makeshift arrangements that shoe - horned riders into small spaces, defining sardine tins as transportation. Now many are modern Russia and European vans with ample space and people crushes only at rush hour on certain routes.

In Yerevan, Giumri, Vanadzor and other large towns, they charge 50 - 100 AMD ( per ride—regardless of how far you go. This makes them the cheapest fare in town, at 8 to 18 cents per ride! Prices are marked on the side of the minivan, either 100 or 50.

Find them at all bus stops and many taxi locations. If in doubt, ask at your hotel where to find the marshrut going your way, or at bus stops.

The drawback is that they only post destinations in Armenian, cramming half a dozen to stops on to their signs. Since they stop just to pick up or drop off riders, you have to be adept at reading Armenian in order to scan their signs to se if they are going your way.

Ways to win:
1. Ask people waiting for a minivan which one to take:

Vor marshrut g’num eh ___(your destination)__?
You need to know your Armenian numbers to understand the answer, or ask them to write it down (have paper and pen ready)

2. Use our handy guide below which lists this summer’s route numbers and destinations:

How to Use:

- most vans stop at bus stops
- flag van to stop it (they stop anywhere)
- pay when you EXIT.
- to stop the van, say "kangni aistayr"

Yerevan Marshrut taxis that run through Yerevan Center:

This is a partial list, there are dozens of numbers and routes, if you are going to specific location or of the beaten path, ask for the marshrut going your way.

#4 Hrazdan Stadium - Mashtots Prospect - Bakhramian - Komitas - Zeitun
#6 Train Station - GUM - Kino Rosia (St. Grigor Lusavorich church) - Tigran Metz - Tumanian - Prospect - Khorenatsi

#10 3rd Masis - Mashtots Prospect - Monument - Zeitun
#11 Hrazdan Stadium - Mashtots Prospect - Amirian - Tigran Metz - GUM - Train Station
#15 Avtokaian - Mashtots Prospect - Terian - Abovian Square - Masiv - Amirian

#22 Train Station - Kino Rosia (St. Grigor Lusavorich church) - Khandjian - Yerevan State U. - Abovian Square - Nork
#23 B2 Takhamas - Malatia - Bus Station - Mashtots Prospect - Khorenasti - Kino Rosia (St. Grigor Lusavorich church) - GUM - Train Station

#43 Train Station - GUM - Kino Rosia (St. Grigor Lusavorich church) - Khandjian - Abovian Square - Monument - Zeitun
#46 Grigor Lusavorich St. - Kino Rosia (St. Grigor Lusavorich church) - Mashtots Prospect - Opera - Baghramian - Kievian - Halabian

#50 Mashtots Prospect - Tumanian - Khandjian
#51 Mashtots Prospect - Terian - Abovian Square - Masiv - Khorenatsi Street - Grigor Lusavorich
#54 Circus – Italian St. – Republic Square – Amirian – Sarian – Sayat Nova

#64 Kievian - Baghramian - Proshian - Grigor Lusavorich - Kino Rosia (St. Grigor Lusavorich church) - GUM - Yerevan State U.

#84 Aresh - Train Station - GUM - Grigor Lusavorich - Proshian - Bakhramian - Kievian - Halabian - Davitashen
#85a Kanaz - Komitas - Baghramian - Sarian - Amirian - Vazgen Sarkisian (HSBC) - Grigor Lusavorich - 3rd Masif

#91 Mashtots Prospect - Masiv - Khandjian - Grigor Lusavorich

#267 Mashtots Prospect - Sayat Nova - Abovian - Monument – Arabkir


Intercity Minivans (Marshrutner) are the cheapest means of travel. Most are new, comfortable vans with room for luggage and bags. Starting from 1000 AMD for an entire trip, this is the budget way to go. Vans depart throughout the day, once the van is full of passengers.

Echmiadzin: 250 AMD (Mashtots at Amirian)
Echmiadzin (bus #111): 200 AMD (Mashtots by Shuka)
Sevan: 1000 AMD (Moskovian by Conservatory)

Giumri: 1000 AMD (behind Kino Rossia (St. Grigor Lusavorich church)
Vanadzor: 1000 AMD (behind Kino Rossia (St. Grigor Lusavorich church)

Ashtarak, Voski Vaz (#502), Oshakan: 500 AMD+ (Paronian St. and Mashtots)

Sissian: 2000 AMD
Goris: 2500 AMD
Kapan: 2500 - 3000 AMD
Kadjaran: 2750 AMD
Meghri: 3000 AMD

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