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Monday, June 17, 2019
Walking Tour of Old Abovian

Walking Tour: Upper Abovian
Moskovian - Abovian Square


Old Abovian Street Introduction

Walking Tour: Lower Abovian

Walking Tour: Central Abovian 1

Walking Tour: Central Abovian 2

Walking Tour: Upper Abovian


Lower Abovian
Central 1
Central 2
Upper Abovian

Map 4

(updated 2003)

50. Cross Moskovian Street using the underground passageway. Under the street is a department store.

51. As you come out of the passageway on the other side, you are surrounded by trees. Part of a circular green belt designed by Tamanian and his colleagues, the park you are in rings central Yerevan from just before Mashtots to Kino Rossya, has ample trees and fountains, outdoor café's and even tennis courts by Yerevan University.

52. On your right is the Chamber Concert Hall, which offers concerts on a regular basis, including organ recitals featuring Komitas and Bach.

53. On your left is a memorial statue to Isahakian (artist: S. Bagdassarian).

54. Book and map sellers offer their wares in the immediate area. A new Heineken Bar is located in the corner building (about $4 for a 1 liter mug).

55. On the other side of Isahakian Street you enter Yerevan's "Faubourg" district, a bustling area of textile shops, exchange offices, cafes, bars and sidewalk sellers hawking everything from shoes, clothing, cassettes to bread, detergent and oranges. There is even an "Exchange and Bar" for those thirsty while counting their money. The enterprising sellers crowd the sidewalk with customers looking for the cheapest prices in Yerevan.

56. Cross the street using a second underground passageway. Flower sellers and small kiosks populate the passageway.

57. On the other side of Koriun Street are two imposing buildings framing the next block. The Medical Institute

58. and the 1930 Armenergo Buildings are built from black tuf.

59. Halfway up the block on your right is a ca. 1880 building designed by Mirzorian, the Gayanian Oriort School for Girls. It now houses the Faculty for Theology for Yerevan State University.

60. Across the street is a park holding the Yerevan Observatory (designed by Tamanian in 1930's).

61. Further up is a hospital complex, behind an intricate wrought iron fence with stone posts mounted with flower pots.

62. Just past the fence is one of the jewels of Abovian Street: the Mari Nupar Children's eye clinic. Built in the early 20th century by Nubar Pasha, prime minister of Egypt until 1904, the building's design includes a series of pyramids in the frieze just below the cornice. Nupar donated the funds for Sovietashen , which has been renamed Nubartashen in his honor.

63. Abovian Square.

64. The bronze statue of Abovian was created by Suren Stepanian. The square is actually an oval.

65. To your right as you circle the statue is a hospital building (1930's).

66. No. 64 is the Folk Art Museum of Yerevan (entrance: 50 AMD), which holds an extensive collection of folk art, including carpets, ceramics, crystal, gold and silver and wood and metal work.

67. Turn right past the museum, and you are in the last block remaining from the old street.

68. At the end of the block on the right is a large imposing building, which looks like a fortress. The ca. 1900 building was designed by Mirzorian, and commissioned by Vladimir Brazhnikov, a wealthy lawyer. The charcoal black stone building now houses the Geological Sciences Department. The interior of the building has little left of the original design, but it is still possible to imagine the spacious rooms Mirzorian. Visitors welcome.

69. On your left is a new shuka (market) and the major throughway linking Yerevan with Sevan.

To return, either retrace your steps and admire the street from the opposite angle, take a taxi (200-500 AMD to center) or take any of the buses departing from the bus stop just below Abovian Square (50 AMD).

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