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Visa Guidelines

Updated 2024

New paperless e-Visa (see below)

Document Requirements

To travel to Armenia, an applicant must obtain a visa from the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in the country you are traveling from, or in the nearest embassy or consulate. Contact the embassy or consulate first to see that they will accept an application from your location, and if there are any special terms or fees.

Armenian Foreign Ministry Web Site: Visas

The fees quoted here are not honored at all embassies and consulates, in certain locations, a greasing of palms may be necessary to secure a visa on time. We do not condone this, we report it as fact.

Technically, Armenian entry visas can serve as transit ones (up to three day stay) in other countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. However, the truth is that each country attempts to secure as much income from visitors as it is able to, and they may or may not honor an Armenian entry visa. Georgia and Russia are particularly notorious for refusing to honor Armenian visas held by Americans and demanding an additional transit visa. You should contact an embasy for each Commonwealth country on your itinerary first to secure accurate information and any transit visas you may still required.

Those interested in a longer stay in other CIS countries either before or after their entry into Armenia must obtain separate visas from appropriate Embassies.

Online: New Electronic Visa (e-Visa):

Armenia is now offering electronic visas (eVisa) for tourist (normal) visas. Tourists tourists can apply and receive entry visas on line over internet at the following address:

An e-Visa is equivalent to a conventional visa, but no paper is inserted in  your passport and there is no need for you to visit an Armenian diplomatic mission to submit an application. Applications for e-Visas can be submitted online, verified on line, and in most cases, e-visas will be approved and issued on-line within two business days.  This e-visa is good for travelers arriving by air at Yerevan's Zvartnots International Airport only.

The e-Visa system, developed for issuance of electronic visas, interfaces and compares data with other Armenian Government systems. Incorrect or inaccurate information, whether submitted knowingly or unknowingly, in response to any question on the e-Visa application form, may be the basis for rejection and/or cancellation of an e-Visa.

How it works:  The e-visa works technically works for anyone needing a visa, but caters to citizens of the USA and Western Europe.   To use the e-Visa, you will need to submit an online application at you will need a valid credit card (Visa/MC) which is processed using a secure server. Fees are listed at the e-Visa web site.

The e-visa works very well, I used it to enter for a last minute trip, submitted my online application and cc payment info, and was approved in 24 hours, receiving my e-Visa immediately.  Immigration control at the airport recognized it and passed me on without a hitch.

The e-Visa is not yet recognize at land borders.

At an Embassy, Consulate:

To obtain a visa through an Embassy, applicants are required to submit the following paperwork to the Consular Section:

  1. A filled out visa application form (one per applicant). (Visa Application Form in:

    (click one to download)
    MS Word 2000 format or Adobe Acrobat PDF format)

  2. One recent passport-size photo, attached to the application form. The picture can be black-and-white or color.

  3. The original passport valid for 4 months.

  4. Money order or certified check payable to the Embassy of Armenia (no cash or personal checks can be accepted).


If applying by mail, applicants are responsible for the cost of the return shipment. It can be either a prepaid return envelope of any registered mail with a tracking number or a separate money order in the amount of $15 to cover the cost of the FedEx services.

The Embassy of the Republic of Armenia cannot be held responsible for documents lost in the mail.


* Residents of the following states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin are advised to address to the Consulate General in Los Angeles:

50 North La Cienega Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Tel: (310) 657-6102
Fax: (310) 657-7419)

Residents of all other states in the United States may address inquiries to the Embassy in Washington, DC.

Embassy of the Republic of Armenia
2225 R Street, NW
Washington, DC 20008
Tel: (202)319-1976
Fax: (202) 319-2982


Residents of all other countries should contact the Armenian Embassy at their respective countries.

Duration of Stay

No letter of invitation is required from Armenia to obtain a single-entry tourist visa for a stay up to 21 days. For stays of longer than 21 days or any other type of visa, an official invitation is required. **

For stays longer than three months, a residency permit must be obtained through the Foreign Ministry in Yerevan.

Transit visa is required if Armenia is a stopping point to travel on to other countries. This type of visa can be obtained only in case of having basic visa. Transit visa is valid for three days.

Fee Schedule and Processing Time

  • $18 for a single transit visa (3 days). Processing time: 7 business days.

  • $36 for a double transit visa (3 days). Processing time: 7 business days.

  • $60 for a tourist visa (21 days). Processing time: 7 business days.

  • $60 for ordinary visa (21 days). Processing time: 7 business days.

  • $35 for a single visa with an official invitation (up to 90 days). Processing time 7 business days.

  • $65 for a multiple visa with an official invitation (up to 90 days). Processing time 7 business days.

  • Notes:

  1. No fee for a diplomatic visa.
  2. Visa processing time is 7 business days:

  3. Rush service - 3 business days ($86), 24 hours ($95)

  4. No fee for visas issued to children under 16 years of age

Rush service exists only for tourist and ordinary visas

Need More Information?

To obtain additional information about visa processing, or to check the status of your application, you may call (202) 319-2983, between 10 a.m. and noon, Monday through Friday

** Only an invitation verified by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (for business trips) or the Passport and Visa Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Armenia (for private trips) is considered to be official.

For more information please contact the foreign ministry at

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