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Communication | Post & Shipping
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The postal situation is still recovering from the collapse of the Soviet Union. It does work, but it is very slow and can be unreliable. Letters from the USA The cost of stamps is a pittance (20-1000 AMD), but there is a reason for that: normal post can take weeks for outward letters to be delivered, and inward post may never be received (RN is still waiting for a letter sent 12 years ago--he knows itís in some back room just waiting to surface). But more and more people report that mail does work at the main post offices, but it is painfully slow (2-3 weeks for incoming letters). The post office is now used mostly to sell collector stamps and distribute pensions and social security to the local population.

For quick delivery, there are reliable options, though they are expensive.

General Restrictions: Only written material (letters, books and magazines) and pre-developed photographs may be sent using the document service. Packets of personal belongings and clearly allowable souvenirs can be placed in the "Tovari" service. Customs does run everything through the x-ray before they allow it to leave or enter the country, and has the right to open and examine all contents.

Outward Bound:
Local Post: Visitors have reported good luck at sending postcards and letters in Yerevan, from the Central Post Office on Republic Square, the Post Office on Sarian St. (the huge building that also serves as Armentel's offices), and at the Post Office on Abovian St. just below Sayat Nova. You can open a post office box, and you do receive the mail! It takes 4-6 weeks for some mail (packages can take longer and are subject to customs rifling), but generally 2 weeks is a norm (about the same as Egypt). Be sure you watch them stamp the mail, as it is the only guarantee you have it is processed.

Current Armenian Post prices

Click to see ArmPost Prices

Most reliable Post in or out is Express Mail (EMS), Federal Express or DHL. Express Mail is the cheaper of the three, but all guarantee delivery within 7-14 days. We have had most luck receiving mail unhampered by EMS. All mail is currently routed through Russia including priority mail and Express Mail. The Russians levy a hefty 35% surcharge on the handling. This means a cost of $35 for a simple letter!

Into Armenia

EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE, 12 ounce letter, $10.95 to $7.00 per pound after first pound. This is most reliable and cost-effective method, at least from US Post and British Post.
RUSSIA POST: St Petersburg

FEDEX, worldwide processing, USA-Yerevan about $20 per pound.

DHL, the most expensive option, from $25 per pound USA-Yerevan

Out of Armenia

DHL Worldwide Express-Armenia:
Agent - Michael Yukhanayev, Director

(374-1) 58-66-88, fax: (374-1) 52-81-583),

6 Demirchian St., Floor 1, Yerevan 3750002 and

1 Charents St., Yerevan 375025 Armenia

Extremely expensive: letters up to 100 grams cost $70 outward bound.

Federal Express:
Agent - Arek Khachatrian

(374-1) 57-46-86, 57-48-59, fax: (374-39) 07155),

1 Charents St., Yerevan 375025 Armenia

Just as expensive as DHL.

(374-1) 58-47-50, 56-74-80),

25 Sarian Street (cattycorner from the Ministry of Communications/Armentel building)

Open from 9-5 Mon-Fri, and 10-2 on Sat. Our favorite for reliability and more affordable service. Incoming mail can be delivered to your door, and outward is guaranteed against possible loss. Typical cost to mail written materials (includes photos) is $32-35 for up to 100 grams, $65 up to 1 kg to Europe/the USA. Not cheap, but they get it where itís supposed to go. They have started a door-to-door service. Call them, and they'll come by your hotel or apartment to collect.

A much cheaper option that takes about the same time as the express companies, is to use mail services that are still going (though they don't like to advertise it) at

SaberaTours/Sevan Voyages 37 Hanrapetoutyan St., Yerevan, (+374-1) 52-85-48, 52-54-48.
They are open from 9-6 Mon-Sat. Only letters, written material, books and developed photographs can be sent through their service. They route mail through Paris via the weekly Yerevan-Paris flight. You need French postage stamps with you (they also sell stamps by order only--takes about a week to receive). Typical cost to North America is FF 8.80 for 100 grams to FF 46 for a one kg. Packet. To Western Europe is costs FF 6.80 to FF 35. To Australasia FF 11 to FF 77, to Asia FF 10.90 to FF 67.

You can also send post out via Levon Travel, 10 Sayat Nova St, Yerevan - (3 74 1) 525 210 - Fax: (3 741) 151 133 -, if you are a customer.

Inward Bound:
Inward mail using EMS cost about $19 for a letter from the USA. Federal Express and DHL cost more. Both DHL and Federal Express charge a fee to receive mail in Armenia, and frankly, they aren't worth it after charging so much to get it here in the first place. Express Mail (at your local post office) usually arrives within 7 days, though we were recieving within 3 days summer 1997, and there is no charge to receive. They have started a free delivery service, so if you know you will be at the address on the packet, they'll bring it you. You can also collect express mail at the office (be sure you'll pick it up, as they cannot forward it back to the sender). Priority Mail from outside reaches Armenia in 7-10 days but we have had bad luck with packages being opened and rifled through before delivery, which is against Armenian law.

How to Address: EMS: If you know where you will be at the time it is to arrive, address it normally, and include a local telephone and your name on the label. EMS is willing to act as a poste restante, but they cannot forward mail back if you don't collect it. Have the packet or letter addressed to

c/o EMS,
Sarian Street 25
Yerevan 375016, Armenia.

Include a contact name and phone number where recipient might be reached on the label.

Sabera Tours /Sevan Voyages
((374-1) 52-85-48, 52-54-48),

37 Hanrapetutian St., Yerevan

has mail days for incoming letters on the Paris Armenian Airlines flight (leaves Paris every Thursday, arrives every Friday); on Mondays (4-6 p.m.), Thursdays (4-6 p.m.) and Saturdays (12-3 p.m.). There is no charge to receive the mail. Figure it will take the time to get to Paris, be put on the next flight, then sorted.

How To Address: Sabera Tours:
Place your letter inside one envelope with the name and address of recipient. Place that inside a second envelope, and address it to

Sabera Tours
19, rue St. Roch
75001 Paris

In the lower left hand corner of the outside envelope, write "FOR ARMENIA" and the name of the recipient. Recipient has to go by and collect.

Shipping Options
Several companies provide parcel post and shipping services to and from Armenia. If you're laden down with goodies, check out their prices--it may be cheaper than paying excess baggage.


Jet Line Air Cargo, 307 East Beach Ave., Inglewood, CA 90301, USA
((310) 419-7404, (800)874-1745, fax: (310)419-8957).

Levon Travel, Office in California: 7083 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood CA 90028;

((213) 871-8711, (800) 445-3866, fax: (213) 462-7410, telex: 298842).

Yerevan office: 10 Sayat Nova Blvd., Yerevan 375001, Armenia;

((374-1)525-210, fax:(374-1)151-133, telex: 243398 levon su).


SaberaTours-Sevan Voyages
((33-1) 42-61-51-13, fax: (33-1) 42-61-94-53),

19, rue St. Roch, 75001 Paris, France.


Gyoud Corporation
((374-1) 22-47-91, fax: (374-1) 22-48-03),

8/1 Gaidar St., Suite 3, Yerevan 375033 Armenia.

Hatuk Kup
34 Tumanian St., Yerevan

Special Delivery Aerosea Company.

United Armenian Fund
((818)241-8900, fax: (818) 241-6900),

126 South Jackson Street, Suite 205, Glendale, California 91205 USA.

United Armenian Fund, a California-based agency, frequently flies humanitarian aid from the U.S. to Armenia by U.S. cargo planes. UAF is willing to accept commercial cargo on the return route from Armenia to the U.S. if there is room available on board: For more information contact:

Levon Travel

((374-1) 525-210, Fax: (374-1) 151-133,

10 Sayat-Nova Street, Yerevan 375001, Armenia

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