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Erebuni Airport
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Erebuni Airport in Yerevan was reserved to serve the CIS, but Zvartnots has taken that mantle, relocating Erebuni to military and Helicopter trips. There are a few private firms flying from Erebuni to the regions and the CIS, but none are on a scheduled basis. Stop by to see if any are on offer to where yo want to go (there are some charters to South Armenia).

Erebuni Airport Layout

Flights to and from the CIS, Tbilisi and Kapan originate at Erebuni Airport in Yerevan ( 48-03-51) located 7.3 kilometers from Republic Square, at the end of Arshakuniantz Ave. (TB: # 15 , YT: 1, 80, Taxi). Serves mostly regional and CIS flights. Armenian Airlines and Private Firms use this airport. Helicoptor trips originate from this airport.

Erebuni is a snug little building, which gets our vote for most pleasant terminal in Yerevan. It is a shame so few flights go through here, for it more than makes up for its utilitarian aspects by comfortable seats and friendly staff. If you have time to kill, go by the customs office (maksatun ز: maks-a-TOON) to visit. If they have time, they'll pepper you with questions about your homeland and then wax poetic about the beauty of theirs. We came in for basic information and ended up sharing a feast of Hahvi Khorovatz ("hah-VEE kho-ro-VAHTZ" grilled chicken).

The terminal is small. In front of the terminal is a large stone cross commemorating the soldiers who died for Nagorno Karabakh. The airport serves as both a commercial and military airport. It From Erebuni it is possible to book helicopter flights to regional cities and Stepanakert (inquire at the ticket office, or at a booking office). There are three levels to the airport. The bottom level is for arrivals and luggage. The main floor is the second. Along the walls facing the runways are several gates and the customs and immigration. Passengers both depart and exit customs on this level. The third floor is devoted to waiting areas, a small restaurant and caf, and a telephone station for both local and international calls. All signs in the terminal are in Armenian, Russian and English. Very few staff speak English.

Ticket Booking/Check in: Avia Ararat has a ticket office (Tomsarkegh) located on the main level (departures). They are to your left as you enter the terminal. The ticket office is located next to check-in (The most commonly used word is Russian: ("ri-gi-STRAHT-si-uh") the Armenian is Ժܺ в: oo-ghe-vor-nehr-REE hash-var-OOM). Registration begins one to two hours before flight time.

Erebuni Airport Services

Departure Level: An Exchange Office, newspaper and journal kiosk, and a small kiosk selling cigarettes and candy is located along the walls. The exchange office is open from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. Customs and police are also located on this floor. As you enter the terminal, you will see a large sign showing scheduled flights. Do not trust this sign, as several flights are not accurately written here. Ask at the registration or in the customs office (which serves as an unofficial information office). Local calls can be made on the main level, but you need a token (zheton ĺ: zhe-TON), not sold in the airport. If an emergency, ask at customs. Be nice, and they'll let you use their phone.

Upper Level: Reached by taking stairs on your far left as you enter the terminal, there is a waiting area that rings the main level, with a small restaurant (coffee 80 AMD, Pork Khorovatz and all the trimmings for 1,200 AMD; good view of the runways), and caf (80 AMD). They are open from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. daily. The telephone office is located on your right at the top of the stairs. They are open daily from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. and charge 1,200 AMD a minute for calls to Europe and the States. They advertise a fax service, but it has not been operational for several months (they seemed to be still figuring out the system when we went).

Lower Level: Toilets (Zukaran : zoo-ka-RAHN; or Russian ) are on this level. The left luggage was not opened when we visited it, though the airport staff said it worked 24 hours. No one to talk to and inquire about hours and prices.

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